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Insurance for loss of money

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Looking after the pennies

If you are running a business such as a shop, a pub, a restaurant or a hotel, then it is likely that you are going to be handling significant amounts of cash on a daily basis. And making sure that it is kept safe on your premises and gets into the bank without any trouble is key in keeping your business operational.
Unfortunately, it is possible for money to be stolen or go missing. And while this may not amount to millions, losing a couple of thousand could be a serious inconvenience in the running of your business. Take the time to consider the places where cash can be held and you will find numerous opportunities for it to be lost or stolen.
For instance, you may well have cash on the premises, be it in a till, a locked box or a safe. You could be on your way to the bank and it could be stolen from your person or your vehicle. You may have taken the money home with you with the intention of banking it the next morning and you could be burgled. It could even be stolen from the night safe at the bank - the sort of place you'd think would be safe.

Insure against loss

You'll be pleased to hear then, that it is possible to insure yourself against such losses through Direct Line for Business Insurance. We have a range of policies specifically designed for small businesses, many of which provide cover for loss of money - as well as a whole host of other cover such as business contents, loss of income and employer's and public liability.
Our business insurance policies are tailored to all types of businesses from landlords, shops, pubs and restaurants to hotels, offices, surgeries and home offices and can provide cover should your money be lost in the scenarios above. The level of cover varies according to the nature of your business and the policy taken out. But if money should go missing then you can be assured that you can get it back.

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