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Travel Insurance For Pregnant Women

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Travel Insurance For Pregnant Women

It is always important to purchase a travel insurance policy when taking a holiday, but when it comes to travelling during a pregnancy it is even more crucial to have cover in this area.
If you've decided to get away from it all and have some time to relax before the birth of your child, sourcing a competitive travel insurance quote should be one of your top priorities to ensure you are covered for a variety of eventualities and give you that all important peace of mind.

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As with any insurance product, the level of cover you receive and the exclusions written in the small print will vary greatly from insurer to insurer, so it is advisable to read through the terms and conditions of any prospective pregnancy travel insurance policy.

Will travel insurance allow me to travel up to full term?

The answer to this question is usually no, the majority of insurance companies will provide cover up until roughly the 28th week of your pregnancy (around 7 months).  Travelling after 30 weeks carries a higher risk of a pre-term birth and is not usually recommended.
Some insurers will cover you to travel later into the pregnancy than others, but you will often find that they stipulate you need return at least 8 weeks before your due date.
If you are travelling by air, it is important to check with the carrier to see what their rules specify regarding a safe travel timeframe for pregnant women.  This varies from airline to airline and you could find you are not allowed to board the aircraft if you don't confirm this in advance.  It is also likely you wouldn't be covered by your travel insurance if this were to be the case.
A few insurers have now started offering cover up to full term in a pregnancy but this again depends on the airline also giving their permission for you to fly.
If you are expecting a multiple birth, it is a good idea to check with the insurer before purchasing the policy as not all companies offer cover for this.

What is covered under this policy?

Pregnancy travel insurance is largely similar to standard holiday insurance in that it covers medical, public liability, lost luggage and cancellation (basic cover can vary from policy to policy so check the small print) and any extras you wish to add at the time of purchase.
It is also common to receive enhanced medical cover under this policy type and you may find you are covered for emergency repatriation in the event of a medical emergency.
Saving money is important when expecting a baby, so it's understandable that you might want to look for a cheap pregnancy insurance policy.  However, you might receive lower cover levels and you could face higher excess payments in the event of a claim, so check the terms and conditions of a prospective policy before committing to a purchase.
To find out more about the minimum recommended cover levels in each area, please take a look at our travel insurance guide.

Advice for travelling during pregnancy

A well deserved break can be just what the doctor ordered during a pregnancy, but it's important to plan ahead to make sure the holiday runs smoothly and that stress levels are kept to a minimum.
Before travelling, you should consider the following:
Travelling by air: The risk of developing blood clots in the veins of the legs during a flight (or when remaining stationary on a long car journey) increases when pregnant, so it's important to regularly get up and move around as much as possible.  You should aim to do so for around 15 minutes of every hour.
Vaccinations: It's best practice to avoid travelling to high risk destinations as the use of a vaccine may not be safe during pregnancy.  Malaria also poses a high risk to pregnant women so you should avoid malarious areas (please talk to your doctor if you need further advice in this area).
Avoid strenuous activities: It's important to stay active and healthy when pregnant, but you should avoid heavy exercise and activities such as riding theme park rollercoaster's, scuba diving and travelling to high altitude destinations as each of these can pose a risk to your unborn baby.
Eating well whilst on holiday: You'll probably find that you tire much more easily and become hungry more quickly when pregnant, so it's important to take plenty of healthy snacks with you - such as cereal bars and dried fruit - to avoid feeling sick or faint and keep those energy levels up.
Equally important is hydration so make sure you drink plenty of water, taking regular sips to ensure you stay topped up.

Is it easy to get a quote?

Yes, getting a quote for pregnancy travel insurance should only take a few minutes and you only need to fill in a few details to start the ball rolling.
You'll need to enter the destination you are travelling to, the dates you'll be travelling between, along with your date of birth and select any extras you want on the policy and you'll then be able to proceed to the results page.
Once there you can filter results by cover level in the areas of baggage, cancellation and medical expenses and decide on the excesses you wish to pay should you need to make a claim.
After doing this, all that remains is to choose a travel insurance deal best suited to your requirements at a competitive price and you're all sorted.
To start the quotes process all you need to do is hit the "get a quote now" button above and you'll be taken to our online comparison tool.


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