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Car insurance

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If you have any questions at all about what to do in order to get the right car insurance policy, how to keep your premiums as low as possible or what to do if you're involved in an accident and need to make a claim, our car insurance guide is a great place to start.

Here at we're dedicated to driving down the cost of your motor insurance, and we've covered some of the most common questions and concerns encountered by our customers in the following pages.
An introduction to car insurance

Of all the financial products owned in the UK, car insurance is one of the most common. The reason for this is simple: to drive a vehicle on the road legally it needs to be insured, and with 26 million cars on our roads, that's a huge number of people insuring a vast number of vehicles.

Most of these people are given the chance to review their policies each year, allowing them to switch to a different company should they desire based on price, and the quality of service provided. Theoretically this should mean that everyone knows everything there is to know about insuring a vehicle, but this is not necessarily the case.

Many people simply allow their policy to renew itself each year when it expires, potentially losing hundreds of pounds by not shopping around for a more competitive quote or only changing insurer when rising car insurance prices become particularly noticeable

Unfortunately, the reverse is also true on occasion: Many people take out extremely cheap car insurance, only to find out that the policy isn't as comprehensive as they initially thought - and these people often don't find out about this until they make a claim, by which time it's too late.
Finding the right car insurance policy for you

The first thing anybody considering a new car insurance policy should do is shop around. If you're looking for the best car insurance deal, our price comparison tool allows you to get quotes from more than 100 insurance companies in the UK in order to help you find the best deal possible - but remember the cheapest car insurance policy may not necessary be the right option for you..

Knowing the ins and outs of how car insurance policies work could save you even more money, as well as making sure you are receiving the correct services and level of protection from your insurer. This guide will help you to do just that, as well as answering some common questions about insuring a car.

These questions range from the factors that affect your premium, how you can make your premiums cheaper, and what to do in the case that you need to make a claim on your policy.

The guide also contains a jargon-buster, which explains some of the terms which you may have heard but not understood when buying insurance - terms such as TPFT, fronting, and named drivers.

Whilst we'd love our guide to answer all your car insurance questions, there are simply too many. So, should you have any further queries that aren't addressed in this guide, please pay a visit to our car insurance forums - we have a large and active community on hand to help, as well as our own industry experts who will be able to answer any questions you might have.

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