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Hiring a Work Accident Lawyer Isn't Greedy

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'Lawsuits Are for Lazy People with Nothing Better to Do'
Employees who hire a work accident lawyer after an injury on the job are sometimes considered by their co-workers to b
Expert Author Mitch Grissim
e greedy or frivolous. But, consider a couple of things before you pass judgment on an acquaintance, friend or loved one who hires legal help for a workman's comp claim.
Firstly, personal injury lawyers who handle workman's comp cases are often said to handle "workman's comp lawsuits." That description is an aggressive generalization and a bit misleading. A work accident lawyer can help with a lawsuit if we need to, but that's not where we like to start. It's ideal for us to work on a case from the very beginning.
Someone who suffers a serious injury while at work needs the protection of legal representation beginning with filing the accident report, getting the medical diagnosis and continuing all the way to finalizing the insurance claim. The laws that apply to work accidents and worker's compensation insurance coverage can vary immensely from state to state. The medical networks available to injured workers can vary immensely from company to company. The efficiency and effectiveness with which a manager responds to the needs of an injured worker can vary immensely within the same company.
Healing from a work accident is hard enough for one person to handle. A work accident lawyer can oversee all the details to make sure an injury case goes smoothly from start to finish. Then the injured worker can just concentrate on getting better.
So, What Happen If Things Don't Go Smoothly?
This would be where the lawsuit part come into play. Employers who are involved with a workman's comp case really do want their injured worker to return to work healthy and well cared for. The doctors and therapists involved with the case want to be paid an acceptable fee in a timely manner. Mostly, we all want insurance dealings to be uncomplicated and manageable.
But, how often does everythin  g go exactly as planned? Naturally, a more serious injury involves more complicated paperwork. Medical instructions can get misplaced. Referral numbers may not be written into the correct file. A check might get lost in the mail. An insurance agent might "accidentally" pay an injury victim less than the full amount of a settlement.
Everyone tends to stay on their toes when they know the case is being monitored by a work accident lawyer who is well-versed in worker's compensation laws. So, hopefully, our presence alone makes for a smoother settlement process for the victim. But if not, and a work injury victim is in danger of not getting the coverage he needs, then we're prepared to immediately file a lawsuit for the fair amount.
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